radlagar-1Nearly all the cafes in Vienna I visited on a recent trip had some sort of hook. At Radlager it was bikes.

The coffee here was also good, well-made and with a nice radlagar-3flavor. Radlager uses Italian brand Passalacqua. They also have a nice lunch menu with daily specials and sell bagged coffee and other paraphernalia. And of course bikes. Check their website to see what’s available if a coffee isn’t enough for you.

radlagar-2The vibe here is one of bike garage, industrial and casual, not greasy (sorry for the bad photo!). There’s also a large back room, so don’t be put off if the front room is full. The tables up front are a bit close together, but overall this was a relaxed friendly visit. Radlager gets kick for coffee, vibe and relaxibility.

Radlager: Vienna, Austria: 3 Caffeine Kicks


Felzl bills itself as an ‘urbane Bäckerei’ and gets included here because it was the best coffee I had on a felzl-3recent weekend trip to Vienna. My PiC was in the mood for a mid-morning snack and Felzl came along at just the right time. They also have fabulous bread so get a bonus recommendation.



Felzl uses the Andraschko brand of coffee. Wilhelm Andraschko is originally from Vienna but fell in love with the coffee culture in Trieste. He used his newfound coffee knowledge to open a roastery in Berlin using beans from hand-picked cooperatives or small farms. The moral of this story was it is some good coffee.

Felzl is a chain with four locations in Vienna. I visited the one on Pilgramgasse which was hopping on a felzl-1Saturday morning. It was well-staffed with friendly people and we enjoyed our visit. Especially as we sat in one of the big windows with a nice view to the church across the street. Soaring ceilings and brick lined walls contributed to the ‘urbane’ vibe Felzl seems to be going for. Overall, the café gets kicks for coffee, breakfast, urbanity and service.

felzl-2Felzl: Vienna, Austria: 4 Caffeine Kicks


vollpension-2-3I love social projects and found a wonderful one in Vienna that includes another one of my loves: coffee. Vollpension is a community-initiated project in which young people recruited local senior citizens to help them open a café. The grandmas (and grandpas somewhere in there) are baking cake and bread fresh daily and the ‘youngsters’ run the place.

A Friday mid-morning and the place was packed. We got vollpension-2-2squeezed into a seat right by the bar so it wasn’t the most relaxing visit. Vollpension is self-serve, order at the counter and they’ll bring you your food. The cake we ordered was huge, fresh and tasty. And someone’s grandma really will serve it to you; the barista hollers out when someone needs a slice of cake plated. The mélange was fine.

vollpension-2-1The interior is long, with a shabby chic look, white brick walls and lots of photos and other grandma-like decorations, including the plates. They have a nice cold breakfast menu as well as lunch. Reservations recommended if you are really interested in visiting. Vollpension gets kicks for idea, cake and décor.

Vollpension: Vienna, Austria: 3 Caffeine Kicks

Das möbel

This eclectic café has an interesting back story and serves strong coffee in a unique environment. das-mobel-3Das möbel started off as a shop in which young furniture designers from Vienna could have a place to show and sell their work. Over time, more and more designers joined in and das möbel outgrew its space. The shop was relocated and the current space morphed into a café, in which you can try out some tables and chairs while enjoying a coffee and snack.

das-mobel-4The space is quite large and has lots of light. The tables and chairs are of a varied nature and there is also a large and randomly placed light collection. The space isn’t ‘warm’ enough to give off much of a homey feel, instead it feels more industrial and student-y. Not in a bad way.

The coffee wasn’t the best, a little too bitter. Das möbel offers das-mobel-1breakfast, sandwiches, quiche and other light bites for lunch as well as beer, wine and spirits. I could see it being a fun evening visit. We’ll give the café kicks for interior and concept.



Das möbel: Vienna, Austria: 2 Caffeine Kicks

Super Tramp

super-trampExcellent is the only word I can use to describe just about every aspect of Super Tramp. The fabulous location (hidden within a bunch of buildings); their own-brand Super Tramp coffee, their outdoor area…all around great place.

Even though the place is a little difficult to find, their secret super-tramp3location does not seem to have hurt their popularity. You can enter through the pasáž at Spálená 15 or from the bend in Opatovická Street, go through what appears to be a garage and go left. There’s nice casual outside seating in the summer and inside basically three picnic tables. The seating is limited and you’ll probably have to share.

super-tramp4Atmosphere overall was nice, especially because they had actual records spinning for tunes. Service was neutral and they also offer little cakes and savory bites. Super Tramp gets kicks for coffee, location and vibe.

Super Tramp: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kickssuper-tramp2

I Need Coffee

i-need-coffee4Kind of makes you just want to walk in and yell it, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t recommend it as the service is quite slow and a bit surly. The coffee was tiny but good, and that’s about all I can say.





My tiny cappuccino (54 CZK) took longer to get to me than it did to drink. It was good coffee and well-made. The space is much better for to-go orders or quick sits. I was plopped on a very low block in the corner. There are taller stools in the two windows which would be nice to sit in. I Need Coffee also has a selection of sweets as well as non-food paraphernalia like branded t-shirts and bags.

The location is also notable, right around the corner from Karlovo náměstí and up a couple of blocks i-need-coffee-2from the action happening down at Náplavka. Honestly, though, the service and atmosphere was so negative, I can only give them a kick for their coffee. Which I can recommend getting to-go.

i-need-coffee3I Need Coffee: Prague, Czech Republic: 1 Caffeine Kick

Toto Café

toto-1Located on Revoluční Street down the way from Náměstí Republiky is a quiet bistro and café. There are two entrances, and the cafe one is on the back side, via Hradební Street. The space is quite expansive, light and bright. The bistro in front is cafeteria style, serving a number of set meals daily. The back café is just as bright with coffee, cakes and muffins.

Café Majada from El Salvador is the bean of choice here. totoThe cappuccino was perfectly acceptable, and seated in the big window was pleasant. Purple and turquoise cushions gave Toto a cheerful vibe and the service was quiet and efficient. There’s a bit of an industrial vibe with the lighting and ceiling and overall it feels like a recent refurbishment may have occurred.

toto-2Toto gets kicks for location and cheerfulness. And keep it in mind as a potential lunch visit.

Toto Cafe: Revoluční 21, Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks