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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Café L’amour

Big café crush here and we will unlikely meet again. The problem with trying out cafes on the road is there’s a good chance you’ll never return. A weekend hiking … Continue reading

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Friends Coffee House

Central Prague cafes can be unreliable, but this is one of my favorites close to Wenceslas Square. It’s really big, with a lovely atrium towards the front and two large … Continue reading

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Cake lovers’ alert – for those interested in a sweet slice of something fabulous, Šlágr is for you. This Vršovice cafe is just down the hill from Vinohrady and has … Continue reading

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Týnská literární kavárna

Týnská literární kavárna may be the one of the least attractive cafes I know. But we all know looks aren’t everything and if we wanted to gaze at something lovely … Continue reading

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Cafe Balkon

Cafe Balkon is closed Dark and cozy, I think Balkon is a better place for an intimate drink, preferably a clandestine one. Okay, doesn’t have to be, but with their … Continue reading

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Barevna Kavarna

This place is so nice. I used to be a regular here when I lived in the neighborhood and recently returned for a meeting. The interior has this great painted … Continue reading

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