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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Ema Espresso Bar

The woman who took my order at Ema was wearing a shirt that said ‘Life is too short to drink bad coffee.’ I trusted her with my cappuccino and my … Continue reading

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Cafe u(p)m

The Decorative Arts Museum is one of my favorite museums in Prague and their gift shop is fabulous. I sometimes just go there to check out the cool stuff they … Continue reading

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Cup and Spoon

I’m consistently amazed (and jealous) at the number of cafes in Karlín. I stumbled upon Cup and Spoon with a friend. We peered in the window, it looked fresh and … Continue reading

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Café Slavia

Its prime location on the river and across from the National Theatre makes Café Slavia a favorite amongst many people. The space is large, the décor is art deco and … Continue reading

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Walking in to this café? bar? I felt like I should order a glass of champagne. It being before noon and the fact I don’t like champagne meant I ordered … Continue reading

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