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Monthly Archives: August, 2015


I’ll be honest, when I went to visit Kafemat, I wasn’t sure why. It’s pretty much a straight up to-go place, and you all know I like to hang out … Continue reading

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Dům kávy

Dům kávy is for those who are really into coffee and really into making it themselves. More of a shop than a café, you can find tons of beans, coffee … Continue reading

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Café 131

Across the train tracks from the Hradčanská metro station, this café is an excellent one to keep in mind for a neighborhood meeting, whether for business or pleasure. The café … Continue reading

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Havran Café

The ‘cool’ borders of Karlín continue expanding and this great cafe is one to go to the edges for. Located right at the Urxova tram stop, the outside environment isn’t … Continue reading

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