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Havran Café

Havran 3The ‘cool’ borders of Karlín continue expanding and this great cafe is one to go to the edges for. Located right at the Urxova tram stop, the outside environment isn’t so great, but the inside of Havran cafe is superb.Havran

Big windows allow in lots of light, brightening the shades of brown on the walls and furnishings. The look is comfy and modern and I could definitely see working in the space. Packed bookshelves and funky signage add to the sophisticated vibe. There’s a back room with a kids corner, but it isn’t as bright as the front. Havran has cakes, quiches and soups, as well as beer and wine. My cappuccino, smooth and very tasty, was a good size and only 45 CZK. My PiC had a ginormous Americano for only 55 CZK. Havran is only open weekdays.

Havran 2

Friendly staff, non-smoking and WiFi, we give Havran kicks for coffee, price, service and workability.

Havran Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks


About Caffeine Cafe

A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

2 comments on “Havran Café

  1. jeffpovey
    August 1, 2015

    Nice find Jacy, and a place I shall definitely check out when I arrive in Karlin in 6 weeks.

    As always, the non smoking aspect is great.

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