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Kafe jako malovaný

Kafe jako malovaný is now closed but there’s another cafe in its place!


I love going on walkabout though I don’t do it as much as I used to. I feel the need to be outside as much as possible now as the warm summer days are steadily getting cooler. A recent walk along the river saw me randomly darting in to the Jewish quarter area for some sustenance (caffeine). I didn’t know if I would find anything but the coffee gods were with me and led me to the adorable Kafe jako malovaný.


I guess I would translate this as ‘café as painted.’ There are whimsical line paintings on the wall and a ladder which holds little treats near the front door. The place is tiny, tiny, much better for takeaway. But as the couple sitting in the window left when I walked in, I took their seat and enjoyed my yummy big cappuccino (60 CZK). I didn’t order the big, seeing it on the menu after I asked for the regular, but I got one anyway. As I was guzzling the massive thing, I was thinking that it had to be a biggie. They also specialize in different varieties of homemade lemonade and cakes.


There were a couple guys hanging out with the barista and everyone was super friendly. Because of the size, it’s really better to get your coffee and keep exploring, but if you can snag a seat, sit and enjoy the bright and friendly atmosphere. The café is located on a back street between the Jewish quarter and the Náměstí Republiky area. We give Kafe jako malovaný kicks for service, coffee and cuteness!

Kafe jako malovaný: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks



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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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