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Original Coffee


A well-located café that had been on the to-café list forever, I finally made it with a regular CiC. Original was not so original in that it had the typical craft coffee and hipster vibe so prevalent in Prague cafés these days. Not that I’m complaining – I usually like the stripped down industrial look and you’ll never hear me complaining about a good cup of coffee. Sometimes though, it is nice to see a little originality.


The entry space is only the coffee bar, the café opens into two decent sized rooms. The front room has a long table which most likely gets populated by the worker-types as well as more individual seating along the side. The back room has a bigger table if you have a larger group.


Coffee (58 CZK) was tasty and I do commend them for the originality of their red cups. The café also had a cool Polaroid photo wall, which is something I just think is fun. Let’s give Original kicks for location, meetability and coffee.

Original Coffee: 3 Caffeine Kicks: Prague, Czech Republic


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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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