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So tiny! So good! Onesip is a mainly to-go place located on a side street behind Náměstí Republiky. It’s not one many people probably stumble upon, but is definitely worth searching out.

I first visited this location when it was Kafe jako malovaný.


I remember it being a super friendly place with a nice coffee. That visit I sat in the window, and it was okay. The redo hasn’t changed too much of the interior, but does seem to have cut down on the seating – three little stools. Onesip uses beans from the Blue Hill Roastery.


I walked in right after it opened one weekday and may have been the first customer of the day. Three more people came in before I left. The barista was friendly and made a fabulous cappuccino (55 CZK), but it was so small! My walk to the office from Onesip takes less than 10 minutes, and I probably could have finished a second one along the route. (Don’t judge).

Despite the size of the coffee and the fact it’s not a comfortable place to sit, Onesip gets kicks for coffee, friendliness and location.

Onesip: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks


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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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