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Kavárna snů

snu-2So cute and cozy! Which is practically the same lede I used on the OneSip review. But here tiny only refers to the space. With just three tables and an even smaller one by the door, the popular café is typically full. There were a steady stream of customers my mid-afternoon weekday visit, luckily the majority got their drinks or cake to go. Two women did join my small table, so it’s not the best café for working or relaxing.


But the interior is so lovely and relaxing! There’s a beautiful mural on the wall that soothes your mind as you sip your cappuccino (45 CZK, a little weak and bitter) and enjoy one of their nice and fresh looking cakes. And look at the beautiful mug my coffee came in. I love when cafés put in the extra effort to have something special and unique in their shops. A coffee mug really isn’t all that special, but they can be more distinct than one emblazoned with a coffee brand. The café dog is also a nice addition.


Although located in Nové Město, the café is on a back street close to the university campus. It’s out of the way, but certainly not hidden from café lovers. Snů gets kicks for interior, cozy vibe and ceramics.

Kavárna snů: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks



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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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