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2017 Czech Barista of the Year

Caffeine Café is pretty heavy on Prague cafes, being as it’s the city where I spend most of my coffee drinking time. Because of all the sampling I’ve done over the years, it was interesting to read the results of the 2017 Czech Barista of the Year competition. Many of the winners’ cafes have been featured here, and luckily my opinion appears to coincide with the expert judging panel.

The big winner was Jan Škeřík from a Prague 2 café I really enjoyed, Double B (pictured here). Second place was Ondřej Hurtíka from one of my favorite local roasters doubleshot. He’s a barista at Misto, a place I’ve been to twice and have not had coffee on either visit. Zdenek Hýbl placed third. He’s from Onesip, one of my more recent visits.

So there’s your café line-up for the week, spanning the city from Prague 2 to Prague 6 to Prague 1 and loving every sip.


About Caffeine Cafe

A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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