Caffeine Cafe

A caffeine addict searches for the next fix…

Coffee Cafe

Probably not the most original name, but you know what you are going to get. This airy café just steps from Wenceslas Square proved to be a momentary escape from the crowded city streets.

Mid-afternoon visit saw two other patrons in the fairly large café. Barista was friendly and the cappuccino (65 CZK) was fine. A fairly generic blend but I wasn’t expecting anything gourmet. There were a number of sad looking pieces of cake, seemingly to be left over from the morning or perhaps earlier in the week.

The space is surprisingly large and the tables are well-spaced. The front room has a huge picture window and the back area a long comfy bench. The biggest drawback here was the music, it was thumping a bit too club-like for my café visit. Coffee Café gets kicks for its great location and emptiness!

Coffee Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks


About Caffeine Cafe

A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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