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Café Academia

On Wenceslas Square there’s a very nice bookstore called Knihkupectví Academia. The sign for their café on the first floor always intrigued me, not only because I’m interested in all notifications of cafes, but more importantly it said they had a garden. Now, that is very interesting. Unfortunately, my visit was in March. My snooping for this promised garden led me to discover a roped-off door in the very back so I will be back in the summer for a proper investigation.

The café is located in the very back corner and is simple but lovely. There are nice windows, but a bit high up for a good view, and what you can see isn’t so attractive. The cappuccino (56 CZK) wasn’t the greatest but the atmosphere was relaxing. The crowd seemed a bit on the retired side, and like this was a regular meeting place for many. There are 11 tables, and five were filled on a weekday afternoon.

Café Academia could be a great place to work, what with the knowledge absorption that might occur from the nearby books. However, it may feel awkward, I recommend Academia more for a quiet place to slip away from the downtown crowds or an excellent place to meet a friend. You definitely get the vibe that this is a secret in-the-know type place, although the bookstore is hardly trying to hide the fact. We’ll give kicks for location and meetability.

Café Academia: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks


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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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