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Hanny Cafe

Bright, open, friendly – Hanny Café is all that and more in a great Vinohrady space.

You can’t miss Hanny thanks to the huge windows which although flooding the large space with light, doesn’t take away from the cozy feel. Grabbing the perfect perch in the window, I could have sat there all day watching the street go by. I ordered a vanilla cappuccino (57 CZK) made from Nespresso. There was a hint of vanilla, but I thought it would have been sweeter, sugar was needed. But otherwise smooth and well-made.

Cake is the biggie here, with the recipes coming from the owner’s mother. The babovka selection was especially impressive with four different type on offer, including poppy seed and cherry and walnut and rum. There were a total of six cakes available that day and all looked amazing and fresh.

I’ve written before how you can’t throw a coffee bean in Vinohrady without hitting another great café. Hanny should be included here, especially for cake lovers. We’ll give the café 3 kicks for décor, atmosphere and cake.

Hanny Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks


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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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