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Cukrárna Saint Tropez


Twice in a row I have visited cafes that put a lot of emphasis on the sweets selection. Saint Tropez is located inside the Lucerna passage and is a French patisserie that I think even a Parisian would be proud of.

Their cake selection is a bit like an art exhibition, full of bright colors, interesting textures and various shapes. There’s an open kitchen so you can watch the artisans hard at work, as well as a roomy seating area.

I didn’t have high hopes for the cappuccino (65 CZK, a double for 95 CZK) when I saw the generic blend but I was surprised by how pleasant it was (or I just really needed a coffee). The cookie, although not soft like I prefer, was flavorful.

I don’t really recommend Saint Tropez for a mere coffee break, you really should try one of the exquisite looking desserts. But it’s a friendly place with an interesting early 20th century interior and worthy of a city-center break. Kicks for cake and friendliness.

Cukrárna Saint Tropez: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks


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A caffeine addict searching for the next fix…

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