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Café Sladkovský

One of the gems of the Vršovice neighborhood, Sladkovský has a big menu, a fabulously smooth cappuccino and great atmosphere. Where to begin? The larger room to the back is … Continue reading

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The carpet still smells fresh! This quite new Vršovice café has a really nice barista, bright rooms and a tasty cookie. Yes, that’s an Illy coffee (47 CZK) I’m drinking. … Continue reading

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A winner! This Vršovice café, on an unfortunately too-busy street, is fabulous. I’m unsure exactly why I liked it so much, but everything about my experience here was great. Contrary … Continue reading

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Cafe Jen

This was one of the best cappuccinos I’ve had in a long time. Café Jen is an unassuming little Vršovice spot on happening Kodaňská Street. I hit the place up … Continue reading

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Mléčný Bar

Vršovice has become a trendy spot with an improving restaurant and café scene. It is woefully neglected on these pages and a more concentrated effort to explore its caffeine hot … Continue reading

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Coffee House

A name like that doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it? However Coffee House is a fabulous find on the kind of shabby part of Francouzská leading from Vinohrady … Continue reading

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Cake lovers’ alert – for those interested in a sweet slice of something fabulous, Šlágr is for you. This Vršovice cafe is just down the hill from Vinohrady and has … Continue reading

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