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Hanny Cafe

Bright, open, friendly – Hanny Café is all that and more in a great Vinohrady space. You can’t miss Hanny thanks to the huge windows which although flooding the large space … Continue reading

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Situation directly at the Náměstí Míru tram stop, Vanille café is most notable, for me anyway, for its reliably long ice cream queue in the warmer months. ‘Warmer months’ means … Continue reading

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Kavárna snů

So cute and cozy! Which is practically the same lede I used on the OneSip review. But here tiny only refers to the space. With just three tables and an … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon this newly opened Vinohrady cup of yum in November. I think it had just opened as there wasn’t any front signage. But they had some sandwich boards … Continue reading

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The Kavárna

Ohhh, the beautiful smell! Ohhh, moccacino please. My visit to The Kavárna in Vinohrady was starting out lovely. The small space is quite typical of newer Prague cafes. Individual tables … Continue reading

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Prostá Přítomnost

‘Five Elephant coffee from Ethiopia’ read the board outside of Prostá Přítomnost. That sounds like a place that takes its coffee seriously, let’s go in. I believe this café also … Continue reading

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Dobrý Kafe

On Dobrý Kafe’s website homepage it says: “Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.” That just makes me love this Vinohrady café even more than my visit did. As often … Continue reading

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